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So what’s it all about?

Well mostly about writing, the ups and downs, the hints, the tips and everything else in between. I am hoping that this blog will also help me to cull my internal editor who has a nasty habit of interfering with everything I write – I’m sweating as I type, worried that I am boring everyone.

Anyway, Marianne Musgrove, author of  “Don’t Breathe a Word”, “The Worry Tree”, “Lucy the Good” & “Lucy the Lie Detector” (out 2010) wrote an article for PASS IT ON (issue 260) this week titled ‘Dealing With Your Inner Critic’.

She gives some great advice. If you don’t already subscribe to PASS IT ON – and you think you might be interested in reading Marianne’s article you can contact me via the contacts link for a copy of this week’s issue. You might also like to consider subscribing as it’s brilliant value at only $0.55/week.

Okay – I think that will do for my first post. Don’t want to bore you now.

Thanks for visiting and please do pop back soon.

3 thoughts on “So what’s it all about?

  1. Hello fellow newbie blogger! Had to laugh at your comment about sweating as you type – I know just how you feel! I’m always wondering where on the bore-ometre my thoughts will sit!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    congratulations on your new blog – love it. You are also a very good interviewer. I do not write poetry but found it so interesting – not boring at all.

    Maz (CBer)

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