Birds of a Feather

Today’s post isn’t going to be about anything specific but rather writing in general. As we all know, writing can be a lonely occupation, at least it was before the internet. Nowadays we can connect with writers all over the world through our blogs, our facebook pages, twitter etc. Just yesterday I received an invitation to join a poets page on facebook where I posted a poem that you may have read, called ‘Spiderlings’. Not long after the post, I received an email from a fellow poet living in England (I’m in Australia). She said that she really enjoyed my poem and would she be able to send me some of hers. Yes, I said, that would be lovely. And lovely it was. Her poetry is beautiful and I spent a very pleasant time reading and smiling and being warmed completely through by a stranger’s poetry as a direct result of posting one of mine. This leads me to an idea that I read on another blog, thanks to a twitterer, that suggests that we, as writers, shouldn’t worry too much about publishers…are you mad (I hear you cry), well possibly but I really liked what this blogger had to say, which was and I quote – “Don’t worry about finding a publisher. Engage an audience and publishers will find you.” This quote was part of a post called Giving Yourself Permission which in itself is a wonderful suggestion.

So this is what I suggest, no matter what you write, seek out your flock of preference and share your work, your ideas, your experiences and your advice. You never know, you could just end up reading something wonderful, as I did and you might even make a new friend.

If you have any stories that are similar to this one, I’d love to hear them. Post them in the comments section if you like.

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