Rhyming poems for adults

Before I wrote rhyming poems for children I wrote rhyming poems for parents (mothers mostly, being one myself). A UK website, The Bad Mothers Club, found my poems amusing and much to my joy published half a dozen on their site. Later I published my own blog (since now closed) and more recently my poems have appeared on the Parenting Express site.

So what am I getting at? I write for adults and children – big deal. My point, I guess is that actually what I write for most is for fun. Sometimes the poems will appeal more to children sometimes more to adults but always, no matter who my audience, my poems appeal to me. I think that writers, especially children’s writers carry with them that sense of fun that delights not only children but the child that’s in us all.

Just recently I was asked to write an article about why people like to write in rhyme. The overwhelming response was because it was fun. I found that discovery delightful and of course not at all surprising. So for those of you who like to write in rhyme for fun – here’s one I prepared earlier.

Growing Pains

They’re taking my bottle away

They say that I’m getting too old

“Your milk should be sup from a glass or a cup

And served from the fridge; icy cold”

They’re taking my blankey away

They say I’m not longer a pup

“You can’t smell a rose with a rag up your nose

Come along now it’s time to grow up”

They’re taking my nappies away

They say I should sit on the loo

“Just quit your complaining and get toilet training

It’s time that you flushed your own poo”

They’re taking my dummy away

They say that I look like a sook

“A smile should replace that old plug in your face

Stop your whining and go read a book”

They’ve taken my childhood away

As they sing, “Happy Birthday To Me”

They’ve made me a cake; took them hours to bake

With some candles to count; one, two, three…

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