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Poets Anonymous


For the month of April I thought I might embark on a fun exercise.


For those of you who receive PASS IT ON you’ll note that in this week’s issue I’ve put out a call to writers of children’s rhyming verse/poetry.


I am asking that you send me one (1) verse of your story or poem to be edited publicly here, on this blog. All posts will be anonymous. I will also encourage comments, suggestions and questions from you, the reading public.

Brave participants will receive a copy of my e-book “How to write Rhyme like the Experts”

Please send your verse(s) to jackiehosking @ bigpond . com (no spaces).

Who’s going first?



4 thoughts on “Poets Anonymous

  1. Hi Jackie
    Here goes!

    A cacophony of cockatoos, caused chaos on the cul-de-sac while
    Droves of daggy dingoes drooled and dribbled down the drive.

    I have only just started my alphabet rhyme/alliteration so do tell me what you think!

    1. I think you’ve done a brilliant job there Moira – can’t fault it. Best of luck with the rest of it. I’d love to see it when it’s done 🙂

      1. Found it – duh! So embarrassed.
        Thank you Jackie – coming from YOU that is a huuuge compliment. Only 20 more letters to go! ha! ha!
        Take care, you do a superb job! Thank you.

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