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The School Magazine

Orbit – July 2012. Cover image by Andrew Joyner


Today I would like to blog about The School Magazine which is part of the NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre.

Australian children have been delighted by the The School Magazine since 1916 – that’s 96 years. That’s incredible.

Today I was thrilled, once again, to have two more of my poems accepted by this marvelous publication.

Orbit 2005 – Cover image by Tom Jellett

The first poem that The School Magazine accepted of mine was called “If I Were a Giant” This poem was illustrated by Kim Gamble of Tashi fame.

I cannot even begin to describe the thrill of seeing my poem illustrated by someone that I had never even met.

I’d caught the bug.

I just loved the idea of someone reading my words and those words causing images to dance around a complete stranger’s brain to be spilled onto their canvas thus binding us together like a hug.

Honestly it’s the most fun anyone can have!

My latest School Magazine poem, not the two recently accepted but the one most recently published is called The Crows and it appears on page 17  in this month’s July editon of Orbit.

The Crows has been illustrated by the very talented Veronica Rooke and I couldn’t be happier, thank you Veronica, in fact thank you to all The School Magazine staff for your time and effort to ensure that each publication is of the highest quality, always.

Now if anyone is interested in hearing me perform some of my poetry, I will be appearing at The Sutherland Shire Writers’ Festival on Monday 12th November 2012 at Grays Point Primary School in the Sutherland Shire.


Do come along. I’ll be desperate to see some friendly faces 🙂

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