PASS IT ON turns 400!

When I adopted PASS IT ON (originally known as CAINON) from Di Bates back in 2004 I must admit that I did it for entirely selfish reasons. As a new writer, a very new writer I was desperate to be in the know.

Di asked for someone to take over CAINON (Children’s and Illustrators Networking Online Newsletter) after she had produced it for twenty weeks and me, being very much a believer in

Jeff Doherty

the Little Red Hen philosophy, put my hand up.

Di asked that I change the name which I did and the rest is history.

Eight years later and we’re still here passing on information, sharing industry news and generally supporting one another week in week out.

This afternoon I’ve been reliving memories, scanning over past issues and loving how generous the PIO subscribers are.

Originally PIO didn’t really look like a e-zine, more a very large email chopped into sections. There were no pictures or illustrations and you couldn’t click on the contents’ links (this little gem appeared in issue 70, thanks to the help of  Bren MacDibble).

If you’re interested in seeing some of the early issues I uploaded them to a blog – the formatting is a bit haywire but it’s interesting to see what we were talking about back in 2005.

In November 2005, thanks to Marg McAlister, I learnt how to create a more professional looking e-zine. This evolved in October 2006 with the inclusion of a PIO logo. Who remembers this?

It was supposed to symbolise the bigger, more experienced writer “passing on” their knowledge to the writer-ling. I was very pleased when I found that in clip art, very pleased indeed. And slowly but surely, book covers began to appear as well as all sorts of other colourful additions.

Then in January of 2008 I thought it might be fun to frighten you all with this ridiculous face, you’ll note, for those of you who      currently  subscribe to PIO, that a small version of this photo, still appears each week, I’m not sure why, I think it’s just that old habits die hard.

After 6 weeks of seeing my very cheery face, an illustrator friend, Teresa Lawrence suggested a brand new segment – Illustration of the Week and so was born PIO, the Children’s Writers’ AND Illustrators’ Networking E-zine.

Since issue 183 with Marjory Gardner’s first illustration, PIO has profiled over 200 very talented illustrators and as you know I am always on the lookout for new ones.

In June of 2009 clip art delivered a new logo. I liked this one because in showed exactly what PIO is all about – connecting through our computers.

This logo still appears in current issues and I think it will probably stay.

So today I sent out issue 400 which equates to about 8 years of weekly e-zines. If you subscribe or if you have ever subscribed I’d love for you send in a little comment. There are so many of you now and I know how busy you all are but it would really mean a lot if you could give a little wave to celebrate what has been a wonderful 8 years and hopefully there will be another 8 more.

Thanks everyone – see you next week.

35 thoughts on “PASS IT ON turns 400!

  1. happy birthday! congratulations! I love love love my monday mornings and read of P.I.O! it is the best start to my week, and as a newbie it inspires, teaches, encourages and helps me enormously! It has connected me to many brilliant people out there, and even though i dont contribute often, i read from top to bottom every week and tell all my newbie friends about it too! thanks so much for keeping it all going and also for showcasing my art along the way.
    x x Kelly McDonald

  2. Congratulations Jackie, a fine achievement. I look forward to PIO each Monday, knowing that I’ll be a bit more knowledgeable about our industry by the time I reach the end. I love hearing about how other people work, and seeing examples of their work.

  3. Happy 400th birthday Pass it On! You’re looking great and improving with age. I love Mondays when I get a drink (type depending on time of day) and scroll down and read you. I love the illustrations, the news so I can catch up, the publisher guidelines, the interviews. You make me feel connected with the writerly world. Thank you, Jackie, and may you have many more birthdays!

  4. Happy 400th Birthday, Pass it On! Those 8 years have flown. I always look forward to Monday/PIO mornings. Thanks Jackie for all your hard work and for sharing so much essential industry information. PIO is always an entertaining and informative read. I love your reviews and all the amazing books and illustrators you profile. I look forward to many more Monday/PIO mornings:) xx

    1. Thanks Dee. You too have been an inspiration, constantly helping writers to hone their craft while writing your own brilliant books. Your energy astounds me too.

  5. Happy, happy 400th PIO. I cannot believe how fast eight years have zapped by, but every Monday there you are keeping me in the loop. I love seeing what everyone’s doing, catching up with the news and learning about books, opportunities and fellow writers/illustrators. Thanks Jackie for the wonderful job you do passing it on. Best birthday wishes, Chris.

    1. Thanks for all your support Tania. You are an inspiration to us all. So much energy, so many new ideas. I don’t know how you do it!

  6. Happy happies PIO – 400 years old….even in kid-lit terms thats old…

    Just like Zazu in The Lion King provides the all important morning report as to whats happening in the kingdom, so too does Jackie provide the Monday Morning PIO… a necessity in our profession.

    Thank you Jackie for the last 8 years. Here is to the next 400 additions and beyond…

    Bye 4 now

    1. One thing I love about PIO is how so many people tell me how much they LOVE Mondays – we might have to rewrite the Boomtown Rats song 🙂

  7. Congratulations Jackie! You have done a fantastic job with PIO, it’s my favourite cuppa tea time on Mondays. I was in awe of you when you took on such a workload, and eight years on I am even more in awe of how you have developed it into a must-have for the children’s writing community.
    Looking forward to the next 400!

    1. Thanks so much Trudie – it’s been a wonderful journey and I’m so proud of how everyone pulls together each week to ensure that subscribers are all in the know.

  8. I started subscribing to PIO before I was published. The info I found there helped me enormously on my publishing journey and now, five books later, I continue to subscribe. Thanks for 400 editions’ worth of information to you, Jackie, and all those who’ve contributed!

  9. A big thank you and congratulations to you, Jackie. PIO is such a lovely part of my Monday – and when I see it in my inbox I smile and think, fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. Don’t know how I would manage without it. So very helpful and inspirational and full of opportunities. Keep up the great work.

  10. Hi Jackie. I’ve been a subscriber for just over two years. In this time, PIO has alerted me to various opportunities to learn and develop professionally. It’s also connected me with critiques of YA fiction and helped me feel a little more connected with the writing community generally. So my thanks to you and all those who contribute. I’m working hard to learn and write, and it’s a lonely place to be – knowing all you good people are out there doing the same is comforting. Again, many thanks.

  11. Congratulations, Jackie and Pass It On. What a fantastic achievement – 400 issues! Thank you for all your hard work. It’s very much appreciated.

  12. Hi Jackie, I cannot believe it has been 8 years! What a fantastic achievement. Mondays wouldn’t be the same without PIO, that’s for sure and it has helped, guided, encouraged and celebrated with so many of us. Thank you and congratulations for your wonderful commitment.

  13. Hey Jackie, What an achievement and service you have contributed to all the readers of PIO. Love seeing the competitions, new books and what is just going on in the literary world for us all to enjoy. Let’s hope it’s another 400

  14. Hi Jackie,

    I’ve been a subscriber to PASS IT ON for three years now, ever since graced my children’s writing class as a guest speaker, wowed me with your immense industry nouse and gave me the knowledge and courage to start submitting my work.

    Three years later, I still dig through my email each Monday to and open PIO first, just like I did with the treat Mum hid in the bottom of my lunch box. Thanks for keeping me in touch and inspired.

    Happy 400th!

    Nadine Cranenburgh

    1. Thanks Bryan – and to let you know that I have just received a review copy of your gorgeous book, Alphabet Town and will be doing a review for PIO on Monday.

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