Dimity Powell’s Blog Tour continues…

Today I am very excited to introduce Dimity Powell to my blog. We are helping Dimity celebrate the release of her new children’s book PS: Who Stole Santa’s Mail.

Q. So Dimity, tell us a bit about yourself and where you lived as a child.


A. I’m Dimity Powell. I was born in far north Queensland and once found an echidna in the backyard. We also had lots of fruit bats who used to feast on our paw paws every night until the trees were destroyed by a fierce cyclone one summer.


Q. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


A. When I was little, I wanted to be a Vet. I chose working with people instead but am not sure why. My past life included a lot of travel, a lot of people, and a lot of boats.


Q. What did you do for a living?


A. I cruised around the world and in and out of a career in hospitality and marketing until I finally found my way back to Queensland.


Q. When did your writing journey begin?


Journeys begin and end all the time. I set out in earnest on my writing journey shortly after becoming a mother for the first time. But my love of writing stories began in Year 8 at school. I spent afternoons at the kitchen table penning mysteries and tales about homeless ponies. Since then, everywhere I went, I took my diary and wrote about anything I experienced, visited or did. I can’t draw or paint, and I sing like a cat being strangled, so as a supposedly creative Piscean, thought writing might be a better option for me.


Q. What was your first success as a writer?


A. Amazingly, the first story I ever submitted was accepted by the School Magazine in NSW shortly after I graduated from my writing course. I still have a copy of that magazine. I was and still am, thrilled to think that kids would be reading my words. I felt that I had definitely succeeded in my dream to write for children. Since then I have accumulated files and files of rejection letters proving that pride comes before a fall. Ha. But I have had other short stories published on line and in magazines as well.


Q. Do you think winning awards prove you know what you are doing?


A. Awards are lovely ways to hear that other respected writers and people in the book industry like your stuff. They don’t necessarily make you a better writer, but they certainly encourage me to improve and keep on writing. I have won a few special mentions, top ten placings, and commendations over the years for various picture book manuscripts and short stories. My work is often shortlisted so I refer to myself as the bridesmaid author!


Q. What other exciting things have you done?


A. I have done a lot of strange and wonderful things over the years. I’ve jumped out of planes, slept in caves, eaten alligator and survived a couple of cyclones but perhaps one of the most notable things I’ve done is cruised across the Atlantic Ocean, twice.


I was part of the crew of a luxury vintage 40 metre super motor yacht. We had to deliver the boat from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and back. It took one month each way. It was not always the exciting adventure you might imagine especially when you had to be on watch twice a day and often at night and the boat pitched and rolled wildly from side to side constantly making it impossible to sleep, bath or just sit still and relax. We even passed through the Bermuda Triangle and experienced some very strange phenomena. But that’s a whole other story!


In conjunction with this blog tour, you can go in the draw to win one of three copies of the book PS: Who Stole Santa’s Mail.

Send the answer to this question: ‘What do you think Santa wants for Christmas?’ to submissions@morrispublishingaustralia.com

In the subject line put, PS: WSSM entry.

The competition will close at midnight on November 30th  2012.

All entries will be assigned a number, and that number will be put in a draw.

The winners will be notified by email.

The book can be purchased at your local bookshop. If it is not in stock, ask them to order it for you.

A signed copy can also be purchased from http://morrispublishingaustralia.com


Thanks so much Dimity for joining us here today. We wish you all the best with your book.

PS: Who Stole Santa’s Mail  will be reviewed in next week’s issue (417) of PASS IT ON

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3 thoughts on “Dimity Powell’s Blog Tour continues…

  1. Jackie such an privilage and a pleasure to be on your site today. Having a thrilling ride so far! Thanks for having me. Dimity

    1. Hi Shelly, that’s very sweet of you to say – thank you. Judging from the feedback of the kids who’ve already read it, I feel like it’s a winner already. For that I’m grateful as they are the ones afterall for which I write! Dimity

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