An Aussie Year Virtual Tour

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If you’re keen to keep up to date with the goings on of the children’s book industry, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, telling us in 25 words or less about how you like to celebrate your favourite Aussie tradition.

Book Info

An Aussie Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Australian Kids by Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling


(Oct 2013, EK Publishing, $19.99, hard cover, 9781921966248)

Meet Ned, Lily, Zoe, Kirra and Matilda––five Aussie kids keen to take you on a journey through a year in the life of Australian children, from cultural celebrations to traditions and events, to our everyday way of life.

An Aussie Year is a picture book bursting with national pride. It is a snapshot of who we are as a nation, covering our melting-pot culture, lifestyle and traditions. Its pages feature trailing, meandering text, dates and gorgeous illustrations showing our five Aussie children at play, at school, at home, enjoying their homeland––from the tropical north to our rugged west.

Trailing through the seasons and idiosyncrasies endemic to each month of the year, this is Our Australian Childhood.

About the Creators

photo Tania McCartneyTania McCartney is a book-obsessed author, editor, reviewer, photographer, traveller, mum of two and wife of one. She simply adores words and paper—and would ingest them if she could (though she’ll settle for a good coffee). She frequently flits around cyberspace but can also be seen visiting schools and libraries, running workshops, reading to kids or pushing tomes onto unsuspecting shoppers in bookshops. Tania lives in Canberra, but would like to live inside a book.

Tina Snerling is a designer, illustrator, artist, web designer, seamstress and mum. She adores Paris, fabric, design and photo Tina Snerlingpaper. She lives a very illustrated life—one day she’s creating children’s books, the next she’s creating websites (in between the washing and school lunches!). She’s the type who has a notebook by her bed because most good ideas happen when you’re supposed to be sleeping. She lives in Brisbane with her two gorgeous poppets and one gorgeous husband.


What I found delicious when I read Tania and Tina’s book is the reminder, page after page, month after month that Australia really is a wonderful place to live. Coming from Cornwall, England when I was ten years old I particularly remember a warm, cloudy day and feeling like I was in a fairy tale. There is no such thing as a warm, cloudy day in England. Australia is all about outdoor living, enjoying and taking care of the environment. Celebrating things like National Wattle Day, National Bilby Day, National Reconciliation Week, National Recycling Week, shows we are a bubbling concoction of everything that is good in the world. And while there is always room for improvement – An Aussie Year is a great introduction to what life in Australia is all about. Thirty-seven years later and I’m still here.


An Aussie Year Virtual Tour Schedule


An Aussie Year Virtual Tour FINAL jpg

Join Ned, Zoe, Lily, Kirra and Matilda on this journey around the webosphere, from 21 October to 21 November. There will be reviews, sneak peeks, guest posts and lots of fabulous giveaways including some publishing opps! See the entire tour schedule right here http://taniamccartney.blogspot.com/2013/09/an-aussie-year-virtual-tour.html


3 mar clean up aus day-1


Visit the An Aussie Year website (www.anaussieyear.com.au) to meet all the characters from the book, see updates and behind-the-scenes work.

There’s also some Fun Activities for kids.

This is Zoe. Zoe is eight and her parents came to Australia from Greece. Her family calls her Kouka which means ‘doll’. Zoe is the youngest of five kids and she loves dancing and dolls. When Zoe grows up she would like to be an actress.


And don’t forget – for your chance to win a year’s subscription to PASS IT ON – all you need do is leave a comment describing  the way you celebrate your favourite Aussie tradition.

7 thoughts on “An Aussie Year Virtual Tour

  1. Even before our daughter was born, we make it an imperative to visit an agricultural show, be it regional or state. Sometimes we lash out and do the rounds. Love the smell of a dagwood dog and fried food suffused with fairy floss. Love cupie dolls and ferris wheels. Love the animals and display pavilions. Love the thud of dressage hooves. Love the confusion of side show alley. Pretend to love choosing sample / show bags. And always always stay for the fireworks. I think it’s why my girl doesn’t mind loud noises. Great conditioning and a great Aussie ritual to look forward to each year.

  2. We have a tradition of using Boxing day as our extended family Christmas day. This means on Christmas morning til lunchtime, we get to spend Christmas day together with our kids, then have a leisurely dinner with my husbands family. Then, on Boxing day, we get to go and have a second day of presents and eating with my family, including all the cousins aunts and uncles, and sometimes Santa too. It makes for two special days with out rushing and getting flustered.

  3. Doing whatever I want on my birthday – the public holiday Australia Day! Born in England, it must have been fate that I would move here!

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