Blog Tour – KATE by Kevin Burgemeestre

KateToday I would like to welcome Kevin to my blog as he floats about in cyber space touring with his brand new novel Kate.

Welcome Kevin!

Hi Jackie. Thanks for allowing me to visit. Here are the answers to some interesting questions about being a writer.

I’m still getting my head around the fact that I am a writer but I’ll try to be honest.

Q. Who is your favourite author and why?

A. Roald Dahl is mad-good because he takes unreasonable risks with his characters and plots. He also writes characters that you may not necessarily like, but you are deeply interested in. I’m totally mad about Charles Dickens, for his humour, humanity, and ability to weave complex tales with remarkable resolutions. Not everyone in Dickens’ tales is a winner but the outcome is always satisfying.

John Marsden for his wonderful dialogue and ability to get complex themes and characters into very small books. Patrick White because he writes a complex inner life and is fascinated by artists. Charles M Schulz because of the wonderful heartbreaking dynamic between his characters. I could go on…

Q. Some writers have a preferred writing schedule. Do you?

A. I am just going to say “yes”. But really, I write any time I can and I will simply bash away at it till it submits to the keys. I will sometimes write nothing, but on the other hand if I’m “on” I’ll write deep into the night, and if the urge is serious I’ll wake up at 3am jabbed by my muse and will have to go and write it down or I will not sleep. That usually lasts one to two hours. In general, I will write each and every day that I’m on a project, unless I’m visiting schools, which I love to do.

When I’m far away from home on a school visits I write even more than I normally would. I am the cook and do the washing, so sometimes it’s great just to be at the end of a pen or smashing away at a keyboard. I also love the energy I get working with young people and it tends to feed my writing.

KevQ. Do you have a favourite place to write?

A. Where I am right now, or in the country, or failing that, jump on my pushy and go into the National Gallery of Victoria where I am a member and write in the member’s rooms. It’s kind of arty, quiet and they have really good coffee. The bike ride helps get some oxygen into my brain. Oh, and planes. I always get something written when I’m on a plane. If you see some dude digging for his biro that’s rolled under your seat or is still scribbling away when the plane is landing it’ll probably be me. But I think being in Paris could work equally as well.

Q. When did you begin your writing journey?

A. My mum was an awesome storyteller. I always knew the power of a well-told tale. But also, when I was at high school I noted the startling power of our language. Shakespeare is probably called that because when I finally “got him” it was like a spear hitting me in the chest. He was so funny, so sad, and so daring with his characters. Like a wizard, Shakespeare seemed to smash words together like spells to create new and potent meanings.

The simplicity of the words in Peanuts is also not to be scoffed at. Schultz’ ability to evoke complex meaning in his very few words still dazzles me. Even with a dog that doesn’t talk.

Thanks so much Kevin – interesting indeed!

Book Giveaway!

KateAs part of the blog tour, we will give away a copy of Kate.

To be in the draw, simply comment on the post and send an email of your comment to submissions@morrispublishingaustralia.com with the subject “Kate competition”.

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11 thoughts on “Blog Tour – KATE by Kevin Burgemeestre

  1. Hey Jackie, we all know what a journey each book is, and what a relief and joy it is to have it out and circulating.
    This one is particular in that it combines stories from my own upbringing, my children’s school time, my children’s friends and our massive and motley assortment of dogs and despite over 30 years of writing is my first published chapter book. It registers how important our teenage years are, and what confusion and opportunities pop up.
    It’s a challenge to readers as well to find the literary allusions in the text from two of my favourite books.
    Cheers, hats off for putting up with us! Kev

  2. I like those authors you mentioned too, Kevin. I’m reading John Marsden at the moment. I have the whole ‘Tomorrow’ series in a heap… nearly finished the second one. You inspire me to want to keep writing and make me wish I’d ‘got’ Shakespeare like you did.

  3. Hello Meryl Harris, how nice of you to drop in. Apologies for being so lax, our whole family was ensconced in our annual Christmas cooking. Just got back. JM is a wonder. Apart from the excellent, clipped dialogue, his characters are so rock solid. Best way to get WS is to see a good contemporary production. I saw a country and western version of As You Like it, (words and lyrics WS) music by fantastic country dudes. It was so excellent and entertaining.
    Glad to hear you have the writers virus. Good luck and all the best with projects.
    Cheers, Kev

    1. Lovely to have hosted you today Kevin. Best of luck with the rest of the tour. Will put the schedule up again in tomorrow’s PIO. And no you cannot have a copy of YOUR book because that would be greedy 😉

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