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perf5.000x8.000.inddWelcome Karen – thank you for stopping by to tell us all about your new book Stop the Bully.

1. STOP the Bully is a powerful title. Where did the title come from?

I wanted a short title with a positive action for the victims of bullying. My Beta Readers voted for Stop the Bully as the new title. The original title gave away Brian’s secret that’s later revealed at the end of the story. PS Sorry I can’t reveal that original title here.

2. The cover is very provocative. What made you choose that cover, style and message?

The original cover had the bully overpowering the victim. The new cover depicts the two main characters, Brian and Amelia in assertive positions as they “save” a victim from physical bullying. Trevor Salter, illustrator created these appealing characters to help children springboard discussion on strategies that can be assertive but non-aggressive.

3. You have broad endorsements and supporters for STOP the Bully.

How did you enlist their support?

Kids Helpline endorsed my mental health picture book Bailey Beats the Blah and I asked them to support STOP the Bully. I was gobsmacked when they said YES, reviewing STOP the Bully as well as Guest-speaking at my launches.
The co-ordinator of Kids Matter (Education Queensland) reviewed STOP the Bully and attended my launch
Kids Book Review offered a quote to use on bookmarks, banners and my back cover.


‘STOP the Bully offers readers specific strategies for dealing with bullying at school, teaching children their best defence against bullying is confidence, positive friendships and speaking up when they find themselves in situations where they feel threatened or scared.’ — Kids Book Review


4. What’s the BEST reaction STOP the Bully had on readers?

Three readers watched my dramatic pantomime of STOP the Bully at my Blackcat launch. They later told me they went straight home to read STOP the Bully in one sitting that afternoon. Later these readers reviewed STOP the Bully giving *5 STARS at Goodreads and Amazon.
I received an email from a lady who told me she cried when she read the final chapter. I know my story reached them.



STOP the Bully Blog Tour & BookGiveAway

Empower KIDs with assertive anti-bullying strategies!

WIN: Signed copies and eBooks of STOP the Bully.

Leave a comment on any of the 15 hops June 2- 11

The MORE comments you leave the MORE chances you WIN.

WINNERS announced on June 16 http:// http://www.karentyrrell.com



Blog Tour June 2-11

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3 June Jill Smith Review http://authorjillsmith.wordpress.com

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5 June Melissa Wray Interview http://www.melissawray.blogspot.com.au

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7 June Kids Book Review CURLY Questions http://www.kids-bookreview.com

9 June Bug in a Book Review http://buginabook.org/category/childrens-books

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Literati Radio Interview 9am AEST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/laliteraticarpelibrum


STOP the Bully is endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter, Australian curriculum.
Download FREE children’s activities and FREE teacher notes from http://www.karentyrrell.com

ISBN: 9780987274069
STOP the Bully is now available from Amazon.


Thanks Karen for stopping by.




6 thoughts on “STOP the Bully Blog Tour

  1. Hi Jackie, Nice post on Karen’s book! I think her cover is amazing too. It’s bold, it’s out there, and it makes you pick the book up. Can’t beat that!


  2. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for dropping by. So glad you like the cover.
    Like what you said-“amazing too. It’s bold, it’s out there, and it makes you pick the book up. Can’t beat that!”
    I think I might quote that …Karen 🙂

  3. Thanks Jackie,
    For being a wonderful stop on my Blog Hop.
    Really appreciate your support for STOP the Bully. .. Karen 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to read it fully. Each time Karen talks about her life journey and this book I feel a little more excited by the impact she and her writing will have on the world.

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