Australian Children’s Book Publishers Currently Accepting Unsolicited Mss @ Feb 2015

Aust Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Mss @ Feb 2015

So you’ve written your children’s story. You’ve polished it until it shines and now comes the daunting task of looking for a publisher.

I’ve tried to take the sting out of this step by scouring the internet to find a list of Australian Children’s Book Publishers currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Now what do I mean by unsolicited manuscripts (or mss for short)? If a publisher solicits a manuscript what that means is that they approach you and ask you to send it to them. An unsolicited manuscript is one that they haven’t specifically asked for.

There are lots of websites out there with lists and lists of publishers however when you sit down and start clicking through you find that links are broken or wrong, that trade publishers are mixed up with vanity publishers or that they only accept manuscripts from agents. It’s a time consuming job and we all know that time is money.

Inside this PDF is a list, in alphabetical order of 18 Australian Publishers of Children’s Books who are actively looking for your mss. The list comes complete with a short summary of what is being sought and a direct (non-broken) link to their guidelines page. For the small price of $5.00 this compilation will save you much frustration and more importantly, time. Time much better spent writing a new story.

So if you wish to purchase this little gem – look to your right, scroll down a bit and find the PayPal button link in the margin. If you’d prefer not to pay with PayPal you can email me – for my bank details.

Best of luck and happy hunting 🙂

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