Jo-Kin Battles the It- My Book Journey

Karen Tyrrell’s Blog Tour

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Welcome everyone to my leg of Karen Tyrrell’s new book Jo-Kin Battles the It.

As is customary for me when I take part in blog tours I have asked that Karen share the story behind the story.

And here it is…

I wrote Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids #1) as a comedic escape from writing a trauma memoir on my recovery from parent-teacher bullying and mental illness. (Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness.) When Josh zoomed through the cosmos battling gruesome monsters and killer robots, he could save the galaxy and be the hero in his own life. I used the process of writing humour and fantasy as a coping skill.

I projected myself into the Josh character to unwittingly empower myself.

My first writing group, Logan Genre Writers offered support and encouragement for Josh and the It (original title). I submitted Josh to the CYA conference for assessment from an editor and publisher. This is what she said…
‘You have successfully created a strong first novel in an action packed adventure series. Your plot is strong and moves along at a good pace. Humour & lots of food references make the story child centred. It has commercial potential.’ -Leonie Tyle: Agent & Publisher

A major publisher considered Josh for publishing over the next 14 months. When it didn’t get published, I was devastated, hiding Josh in the bottom drawer. Instead, I concentrated on started up my own publishing imprint Digital Future Press, publishing five resilience books for adults and kids over the next three years.



In 2014, I joined Write Links, a Brisbane face-to-face critique group for children’s authors. I submitted chapters of Josh and the It receiving brilliant feedback and suggestions. My goal was to rewrite it, adding more humour and action into the story. With help from my publishing team: illustrator Trevor Salter, book designer Anthony Puttee and editor Penny Springthorpe, Jo-Kin Battles of the It (Super Space Kids #1) was finally born.

Jo-Kin Battles the It is also available on Amazon, LSI, library services and selected stores including some Dymocks and Angus & Robertson.

Book Giveaway

Jokin FULL back Front Cover PRINT

Win a signed copy of Jo-Kin Battles the It OR one of four eBooks of Jo-Kin Battles the It OR signed artwork from the illustrator, Trevor Salter.

To WIN please LIKE Karen’s Super Space Kids book series page on Facebook
https://www.facebook.com/SuperSpaceKids and leave a comment on any of the above Blog stops 19-31 Oct to win. Good luck.

Blog Tour Stops

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20 Oct Di Bates http://diannedibates.blogspot.com.au Review
21 Oct Alison Stegert http://ali-stegert.com/ Interview
Jackie Hosking https://jackiehoskingpio.wordpress.com/ Blog
22 Oct Georgie Donaghey http://www.creativekidstales.com.au Review & Interview
23 Oct Robyn Opie http://www.robynopie.blogspot.com.au/ Review
25 Oct Rebecca Sheraton http://www.rebeccasheraton.com/blog Interview
26 Oct Sandy Fussell http://www.sandyfussell.com Interview
27 Oct Jill Smith https://authorjillsmith.wordpress.com/ Review
Melissa Wray http://melissawray.blogspot.com.au Blog
28 Oct June Perkins http://gumbootspearlz.org Interview
29 Oct Sally Odgers http://promotemeplease.blogspot.com.au Interview
30 Oct Kate Foster http://www.katejfoster.com/blog Interview

5 thoughts on “Jo-Kin Battles the It- My Book Journey

  1. Thanks Jackie,
    for sharing my Publishing story to JO-KIN Battles the It- Super Space Kids

    Readers please leave a comment to win a FREE signed and Art Work from the illustrator …
    Karen Tyrrell

    1. Thanks Meg for leaving your comment here. Really appreciate all the support you’ve given me. Good luck on the Blog Tour … Karen 🙂

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