pickle-and-bree_playground-meanies_coverLook what’s happening to celebrate the release of the latest two books in the award nominated Pickle & Bree series, The Playground Meanies & The Big Snow Adventure.


13/2/17 Boomerang Books    &    Pass-it-on Jackie Hosking

14/2/17 Creative Kids Tales

15/2/17 Buzz Words Di Bates

16/2/17 Aussie Reviews

17/2/17 Just Write for Kids   &    Julie Grasso


Just leave a comment on any of the posts in the blog tour, comment on facebook or twitter or even email alrey@msn.com.au  to win a copy of The Playground Meanies or The Big Snow Adventure.


Win an opportunity for a children’s editor at The Five Mile Press to look at your picture book submission (strictly 500 words or less). Just comment on any of the posts in the blog tour and add initials JSP.


Win a free picture book assessment by the author Alison Reynolds. Just comment on any of the posts in the blog tour and add the initials PB.

Remember the more you comment, the more chances you have to win.


Win a print of Mikki Butterley’s fabulous artwork from one of these two books. Just send a photo or drawing of your favourite teddy to alrey@msn.com.au or upload to https://www.facebook.com/alison.reynolds.524 or Twitter @AlisonReynoldsa

Competitions close March 24th and winners to be announced and contacted by March 31st.


Welcome everyone!pickle-and-bree_big-snow-adventure_cover

Today I am very pleased to be able to welcome Alison Reynolds to my blog where she will be sharing tips on how to write a series.

Alison is the wonderful author of a new series of picture books about Pickle and Bree, two friends who gently teach children to explore the skills needed to successfully manage relationships with their friends and family.

When I asked Alison how to write a series this is what she said…


Five Tips on Writing a Picture Book Series


  • Create characters that you want to write book after book. When you write a series, you are going to visit them again and again. It is so much easier if you can’t wait to write their next adventures.


  • Get to know your characters thoroughly. In a series you need to come up with many different story lines and this is so much easier if you can know how your character will react in different situations.


  • Make sure your characters are consistent. A common theme throughout the Pickle And Bree’s Guide to Good Deeds books is Bree’s impatience and energy. If she suddenly became easy-going and lazy, this would make her seem inauthentic when you read the whole series.


  • Give the illustrator and the reader more variety – show your characters in different locations.

The first two Pickle and Bree’s Guide to Good Deeds books were set in home. In books 3 & 4 they left their home, giving the brilliant illustrator, Mikki Butterley, the opportunity to create entirely different worlds. The Big Snow Adventure is set on a snow mountain and The Playground Meanies is set in a playground.

  • Series are very popular at the moment in the publishing world. I loved reading series as a child and still love reading a series today. If you have an idea with excellent characters, why don’t you go for it!


Thanks Alison – some really great advice.





  1. Hi,
    I loved the information on Five Tips on Writing a Picture Book Series, thank you for that. I am hoping that I will be able to use my current PB in a series for older children. I am currently working on my first PB, this information was helpful. Thanks so much!
    JSP, PB (If we are only allowed to put one for the contests, then JSP please 🙂 )

  2. Great advice, thank you. I’ve kept a possible series in mind when writing chapter books but not so much for picture books – but of course, we love picture book series!
    I’m looking forward to reading more in this blog tour!

  3. As a parent of a new Kindy student, I can truly appreciate a picture book series dealing with tricky issues. I especially like how you’ve addressed that different types of children, such as sensitive or confident, might react to bullying so children can personally identify with the situation. Looking forward to reading the entire series with my five year old. Thanks and congratulations on your launch! JSP

  4. Thank you Alison for your helpful tips for writing a picture book series. I think these are great tips for writing picture books in general. If the author doesn’t enjoy writing the character then surely the audience won’t enjoy reading about them! That said have you ever written a book with a character you genuinely didn’t like or enjoy writing?
    Also I agree with you, manners do make the world a nicer gentler place. These books will make for great conversations in houses and schools all over. JSP

  5. What a wonderful achievement. I love the suggestion about making picture books into a series. It’s about time someone was encouraging the polite side of life. We see so much ugliness around us on so many platforms. Building resilience and persistence in our young needs to start asap so they can bounce back from the hard knocks in life. I’d be happy with either of the wonderful offerings you have suggested above.

  6. LSP – Excellent article Alison & Jackie! Especially the pointers on picture books series. I had never considered writing a picture book series as writing one picture book is a long and exhausting process!! However there are some characters that keep you up at night that lurk in your dreams or tap you on the shoulder during the day and beg you to be in another story. I’m working on one of those at the moment and hope to turn it into a series!! – LSP

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