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Meet the Writer – Karen Hendriks

Every week I like to feature an Australian writer and illustrator in PASS IT ON.

Now with the illustrators, once they have been featured in the ezine, I upload their interview onto a blog. This takes time and I’m often running behind but from now on I’m hoping to keep this up to date.

The writers that I’ve interviewed don’t have a blog of their own so I thought I might upload their interviews here. I won’t be able to go back to the beginning but I hope to fill this space with interesting insights into some of our wonderful writers.

So here we go please meet….

Karen Hendriks

This interview first appeared in PASS IN ON on Monday 18th January 2016 – issue 569


When did you know that you were a writer?

This year when I decided to follow my dream and write.  I have always wanted to write but you are not a writer until you commit.

When did you first read your writing aloud or give it to someone to read and what was their reaction? How did it impact on you?

I have been reading my stories each week to children  from Kindergarten to Year six at school which has been extremely rewarding and I have even received author letters from them and some are now wanting to be writer’s themselves.   The snowball effect.

What and when was your first acceptance? How did you feel?

None yet just writing getting ready for my first submissions. Yeeks.

What is your favourite genre to write? Why?

Children’s picture books yay

How long have you been writing? And what have you written?

This year .  Some of my stories are called Wombat Cuddles, Happy, A very Clever Plan, Scaredy Pants or It is Only the Night, Clever Sneaky, Mr Brown, my favs are Wombat Cuddles  and It is only the Night.

Of your own work – do you have a favourite? Why is it your favourite?

Wombat Cuddles and It is only the Night and the students at school love them and want them as books. They have drawn pictures and written me letters as and author and also about the characters.

What is your favourite genre to read? Why?

Children’s Picture books and self help books

Do you have a favourite author?

Mem Fox, Lynley Dodd, Libby Gleeson, Joy Cowley

Did/do you have any writing heroes or mentors?

No not yet but Mem Fox is my hero and Joy Cowley sent me her book writing for children such a creative, gorgeous lady.

How do they encourage you?

I met Mem and she was amazing and Joy wrote to me.

Do you mentor others? What do you do?

Yes last term I have been teaching Creative Writing to Stage two and Three Students.  I had no idea that my actions would ripple through the school it has really shown me that I am a writer.

Do you write full time?


What are your other jobs?

Casual teacher

Have you ever won an award/s or been shortlisted? What was it for?

Have you ever been awarded a grant? How did it help you?


Do you belong to any professional organisations? What are they and how do they help you?

Do you participate in writing workshops as a student? Which ones were memorable?

Yes I have been to Cathy Tasker’s writing picture books course and one other course in Beecroft.

Do you run writing workshops? What do you include? 

For the school students we have been looking at techniques in picture books and doing fun little activities based on this.

How might you be contacted in relation to running workshops or for school visits?

Via email, mobile or Facebook.  I would love to do this immensely . I was going to visit local schools to gauge their responses to my stories.

We all know that would be writers should read and write as much as possible – do you have any other advice?

Yes writing and reading go hand in hand together.  I am Reading Recovery Trained, L3trained, learning difficult and ESL trained, behavioural difficulty trained and no matter what Reading and writing go together. Reading seems to takeoff first. A world of possibilities is opened through both.

How might people find you? Website, Blog, Facebook etc.

Email, Karen Hendriks Facebook

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