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If you have a children’s rhyming poem, rhyming picture book text or story in verse that just won’t behave itself, send it to me and we’ll soon have it sorted out!

Email Jackie at jackiehosking [at] bigpond . com to find out more – ANYTIME or visit My Little Shop here..

Over the course of the years I have helped over 500 people with their rhyming dilemmas many who have gone on to publish.

For me this is such a satisfying job made even more enjoyable by the lovely comments that come back to me. See below for what I mean – thank you everyone!

.Testimonials From Some Happy Customers

~Jackie is not your average run-of-the-mill critter. She has the magical ability to glance at a poem and see its possibilities. She is generous with suggestions and will even rewrite a couple of lines to get you back on track. Rhyme and rhythm are Jackie’s middle names – she’s a natural-born poet with bucket loads of talent. A critique from Jackie is a gift and I recommend her highly.~

Jill McDougall – (author of over 90 children’s books including Anna the Goanna and other poems – a CBCA Notable Book)

~We all have one – a rhyming poem/story that has sucked the life from us; one that we refuse to give up on because of the time and effort invested in it, the same one that we cannot bear to look at again for fear we will throw up! Don’t waste another wrinkle on it – do what I did, send it to Jackie! She’ll have its flabby guts trim, taut and rhyming in no time and you remembering why you wrote it in the first place. Jackie’s manuscript assessment is not only the answer to your all your rhyming poems – it’s an anti-ageing remedy no author can be without. It worked for me! Seriously Jackie, thank you.~

Stacey McCleary – (author of ‘When it is Time’, ‘What Makes me me’, ‘One Funky Monkey’ & ‘Here comes a Kiss’ )

~Thanks so much Jackie. I like your suggestions and will get on with it. It really helps to have another opinion and you’ve really inspired me. I’m really glad I asked your opinion.~

Lee Fox – (author of rhyming picture books ‘Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair’, ‘Ella Kazoo Will Not Go to Sleep’, ‘Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea’, ‘Ginger McFlea Will Not Clean Her Teeth’ & ’10 Little Hermit Crabs’.)Jackie,

~Thanks so much – this is super helpful!  Clears up a number of things up and helps me see how I need to look at the story and revisions.  I was just doing things by ear but this gives me a much better structure to use to check the rhymes and make adjustments.  Very much appreciated. I will definitely keep in touch and let you know when the book is ready.  Your encouragement and help mean a lot.  Warm regards.~


~Thanks heaps Jackie. It has been tremendously helpful and encouraging to get your tips on this one.~


~This is awesome, thank you!!  Now to agonise before I send. Eeeek! Thanks again, Jackie. I’d highly recommend your service. Easy, effective and really neat!~


~Hi Jackie, thanks so much for this. Very enlightening! I really love your feedback and it definitely fixes the meter.~


~Thanks so much Jackie.  Once again thank you so much for all your help.~


~Thank you. Thanks for being so super speedy too. I can’t wait to get stuck into it!~


~Thanks Jackie, that’s great. I knew it needed a lot of work and you’ve put me on the right path.~


~Thank you so much Jackie! I appreciate all your wonderful work!~


~Thanks Jackie. I have found your notes and suggestions extremely helpful! I’ve paid your second invoice this morning and also included the extra $5 for Rhyme Like the Experts…looking to learn as much as I can!~


~Cool…thank you for your kind words. Looks like I’m getting the hang of this rhythm thing…you’re a great teacher!~


~Hi Jackie, I’ve only just had time to look at your feedback. Thank you so much for all your wonderful rhyming knowledge. Both rhymes read so much better now. Many thanks.~

~A note to thank you for your help. You have the gift. Thank you so much for explaining how to make the rhythm bounce along, and your suggestions for the finish. Your comments are always gentle, practical and extremely helpful.~


~Brilliant as always!!!!  You always manage to PERFECT everything you touch.  You are a true GENIUS and you sure know how to turn an okay manuscript into a MASTERPIECE.~


~Hi Jackie, thankyou so much for your feedback and editing. Wow you are brilliant at this. I have  lot to learn. I’m sure I will be in touch again. Thanks again.~

~You have a knack of being able to put ‘life into a poem’. You have certainly done that to mine. I feel that you have helped me enormously and I have taken on board all of your suggestions. I really do like your ideas.I can now see the vast difference and really do appreciate all your advice. I can really see the benefit of having someone, like yourself, look at it from all perspectives.I have no hesitation in recommending your to other poets and will definitely call on you for your advice in the near future. Thanks again~


~Excellent Jackie. I can hear the tighter rhythm and the simplification works well. Thank you.~

Beverley George (Editor Yellow Moon – a literary magazine for writers of haiku and other verse)~

Jackie – thanks so much for your feedback re my poem. I can see exactly what you mean regarding the language and the rhythm. Sometimes one gets hung up on using a word or phrase that one loves but is to the detriment of the poem and the lines become convoluted. I can see when your objective eye points out what could be changed or presents other options that work nicely. I look forward to being in touch again when I get a bit further into my editing process. Thanks again.~


~Hey Jackie,Just love it!! You are so clever.It has a lovely rhythm to it now. Thank you so much, Can’t believe it, I really love what you have done,Many cheers to you~


~Thanks so much for your help.I’m glad you found my story sort of ok –  I was initially reluctant to get your advice because) it could have been very embarrassing and) I thought it wouldn’t really be my work afterwards but I guess it’s no different to what editors do.In the end I couldn’t seem to get it any better and you have made a big difference.You are so right about it being hard to give others your work to read. I am still a student so have a particularly fragile ego.You were kind so thank-you.~


~Thanks for your quick response and detailed comments.  I found the changes really useful and I can see a possible direction that the story can go (especially after your guidance).  Thanks again.~


~Thanks Jackie –  I love the suggestions you’ve made!I was stuck with the ending and I think it sounds so much better now. I can’t thank you enough.~


~Just read it…………I love what you have done! Thank you !It has made all the difference!~Doreen~Thanks for the feedback it was extremely useful.~


~Thank you JackieWhat a turn around. It’s a fantastic change around.Thanks again.~


~Many thanks for your edit. I am so appreciative of your time and help and love the changes you made!Best wishes ~


~Hi Jackie,Thank you so much.This has been very helpful and I do think it reads better. Less bumpy that’s for sure.Thanks again.~


~Thanks so much for you revisions and for your fast turnaround. I like what you’ve done with the text and will spend some time going over it and trying to improve it based on your suggestions.Kind regards~


~Thanks so much for your assessment of my poem. This poem has been stuck in a rut for about three years, (I’ve been ignoring it). In one brief assessment, you’ve shown me the way forward. I think I’ve nearly sorted the thing out. You were very kind, and very thorough, so many thanks.~


~I recognise the extreme value of what you have given and I thank you Jackie.~


~Thank you again for a fantastic job you did with my manuscript. I can see by your edit how passionate you are about your craft. I cannot thank you enough.  I really appreciate all your superb suggestions – they both now read so much better. You are BRILLIANT at your craft and I could not have found a better person to help me – thanks again.  I really mean it!~


~Thanks so much Jackie! I’ll take lots of your suggestions on board.~


~Thanks for this Jackie. Insightful and helpful as always.~


~Thank you so much for your fantastic feedback. I absolutely love your suggestions, you are so clever!~


~Thank you soooo much for your wonderful and insightful editing. I now look forward to reworking the whole poem with your suggestions. Thank you for giving me the chance of using your eyes and ears to improve and tighten my monster verse. Thanks again for your quick work.~


~Thank you so, so much for your suggestions and encouragement.  I appreciate them very dearly.~


~Thanks so much for your assessment of my poem . This poem has been stuck in a rut for about three years. In one brief assessment, you’ve shown me the way forward. I think I’ve nearly sorted the thing out. You were very kind, and very thorough, so many thanks.~


~Thank you very much for your work on my story, you have given me so much to work with and a completely fresh outlook.~


~I’m very happy and very impressed with your editing and suggestions. I think you and I will be doing quite a bit of business together in the future.  Thanks again Jackie.~


~Huge thanks, Jackie! You’ve done brilliantly – some of your suggestions will make many of the verses very much better, and some will get me thinking in new directions and be great springboards.~


Thank you so much for your help with my story. I really wasn’t sure how to tackle it or which direction to go and your advice has been wonderful.~


~Thank you, thank you, thank you!! How brilliant are you? Please keep going!!!~


What can I say!! – I Love it!~


~I cannot begin to express how much you have boosted my ego, especially coming from someone whose ‘rhymes’ are outstanding. Once again, thank you for your great input. Kindest regards.~


~Dear Jackie – Your suggestions (as always) look terrific.~


~Thank you very much Jackie……………as I have said before, what you have done has made all the difference!~


~Thanks so much for all your comments and ideas. I will certainly take them all on board and have a rethink of my original ms.  I am almost finished my next book and I would love you to appraise that one for me too.  Thanks again for all your help.~


~Thanks for the feedback it was extremely useful.~


~Thanks I love the suggestions you made! I was stuck with the ending and I think it sounds so much better now. I can’t thank you enough.~


~Thank you for the great assessments ! Really very very helpful.~


~Thank you so much for your input. What you have done in 1 hour is quite amazing and already changing the way I am looking at the idea. Thank you again.~


~Just love it!! You are so clever. I’m so glad you saw the illustrations, you understood just what was needed. Thank you so much, I can’t believe it I  really love what you have done.~


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