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To find out more about Jackie and where she’s been published please click the image above.

7 thoughts on “Jackie’s blog

  1. Jackie,
    You sent me an ecopy of How to Write Rhyme Like the Experts a few months back. I absolutely love it and wondered if I can share it with my critique group. If so, is there a place they can download it? I wanted your permission before I share it!
    Angie Karcher

  2. Hi Jackie, Am having the greatest trouble with your email jackiehoskin@bigpond.com. I want to subscribe and have two children’s novels recently launched and want to email you but can’t. AAAAggghhh! So could you text your number (0414 272 253) or ring or send a carrier pigeon? Thank you.

    1. Hi Alicia – I’ve sent you an email so hopefully that gets through. Let me know if it doesn’t.



  3. Hi Jackie, when I asked for some advice from you regarding a pubisher you responded within HOURS. Very impressed. Many thanks.

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