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Each fortnight in PASS IT ON I list publishing opportunities that are ongoing, that is, there are no deadlines. Rather than fill the ezine each week with the same listings I thought it might be practical to add them to a list here. I will continue to add new findings to the ezine each week but will then transfer them over to this page. Hoping that you will find this useful.

For publishing opportunities and competitions with deadlines you might like to consider subscribing to PASS IT ON – click the link to find out how.

Added 4th May 2021

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Added 18th November 2019

Free Spirit Publishing

Our mission is to provide children and teens with the tools they need to overcome challenges and make a difference in the world. We publish high-quality nonfiction books and learning materials for children and teens, parents, educators, counselors, and others who live and work with young people.  We also are looking for picture books that support our mission.  

Determining Whether Your Work Is a Fit for Free Spirit Publishing

If you are interested in being a Free Spirit author, please familiarize yourself with our books at We also recommend that you check out our books at your local library or bookstore to get a feel for our tone and style.

We do not accept the following types of submissions:

  • General fiction or storybooks outside of our mission
  • Books with animal or mythical characters main characters
  • Poetry
  • Material with religious or New Age content
  • Single biographies, autobiographies, or memoirs
  • Self-help for adults

If your project is in any of the above formats, it is not right for us—even if content themes overlap with those we publish on.

We are looking for strong proposals in the following categories:

Teaching Strategies & Professional Development: Practical, jargon-free materials for educators, administrators, counselors, and youth workers that focus on positive youth development, creative teaching strategies, leadership, early childhood development, and a wide range of social and emotional needs.

Early Childhood: Board books for infant to age 4 and picture books for ages 4 to 8 that focus on social skills and getting along, early learning, self-esteem, and other topics related to positive early childhood development. We will also consider fiction that relates directly to these areas of focus.

Gifted & Special Education: Books on academic, social, and emotional development for young people with diverse learning needs of all ages, including gifted students and students with learning differences, ADHD, behavioral difficulties, or autism spectrum disorders. We also seek resources for educators, counselors, and other adults that support children’s diverse learning and social-emotional needs.

Bullying Prevention & Conflict Resolution: Picture books, Self Help for Kids®, Self Help for Teens®, and resources for teachers, counselors, and other educators to help young people understand, prevent, and respond to bullying incidents. We will also consider fiction for kids and teens that relates to these topics.

Character Education, Leadership & Service Learning: Picture books, Self Help for Kids®, Self Help for Teens®, and resources for teachers, counselors, and other educators to help young people build character, discover their leadership potential, and engage in their communities. We will also consider fiction for kids and teens that relates to these topics.

Educational Games, Posters, & Jars: Games and In a Jar® products for kids and teens that promote character development, bullying prevention, positive behavior, social-emotional learning, and other related topics. We are not currently accepting proposals for posters.

Counseling & Social-Emotional Learning: Picture books, Self Help for Kids®, Self Help for Teens®, and educator resources to help children and teens deal with grief and loss, health and wellness, depression and other mental illnesses, stress, social skills and friendship, anger management, LGBTQ issues, manners, family, self-confidence, and more. We will also consider fiction for kids and teens that relates to these topics.

Note: Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to individual queries that are not accompanied by a complete proposal. Please review the previous categories carefully. If you think your work may be a fit for Free Spirit, you may submit a full proposal according to our guidelines.

More here.

Versify: a new imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt open to submissions.

Hello Writers and Illustrators! Welcome to Versify, where we’re looking for books that edify, electrify, and exemplify the wonders and woes of childhood. It’s incredibly exciting to start a new imprint and hear from all you amazing writers out there.

Part of our mission is to publish writers whose voices haven’t been heard before. That’s why we’re accepting unsolicited and un-agented submissions. Thing is, we have a very, very small staff and can’t respond to everyone. (If we did, we wouldn’t be able to actually publish any books!). So look, if you don’t hear back from us within twelve weeks, it just means that your work isn’t right for us at this time. However, feel free to submit other queries in the future. I apologize to all of you who aren’t getting a personal response, but please know we are looking at everything that comes in.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • For novels, please send the entire manuscript. For nonfiction, submit a synopsis and sample chapters (or the full manuscript if it’s available). Manuscripts should be double-spaced and formatted in Times New Roman, at 12-point font.
  • For picture books, please send the entire manuscript. Picture book submissions that do not yet have illustrations are accepted.
  • For graphic novels, please submit a detailed synopsis and 3-5 sample pages.
  • Illustrators who would be like to be considered for projects may also send art samples.

Submit a story to Reading Rooms

Our contributors

We are currently open for story submissions to use in our Reading Rooms, and if you are a budding writer of children’s stories we would love to hear from you. 

Right now we’re looking for stories for 8-12 year olds on the theme of resilience of 3000 words and under. You can submit as many stories as you like, as long as they all fit the brief. You can also submit again when another call goes out, whether or not your story was accepted last time. Successful contributors will be paid a fee of £15 on confirmation that their submission has been accepted.


Please read the contributor guidelines and terms and conditions before submission 


Once you are ready, click here to submit a story to Reading Rooms

Submission Guidelines

At Zizzle we look for stories that will surprise, move, and amuse both young and older imaginative minds. We like fiction that dives deep into meaning and resists banality. We believe the moral, if any, of a great story should evolve naturally and not be imposed. We embrace fresh perspectives on the nuanced joys and tensions in kids’ daily lives and imaginations. We are open to pieces that defy traditional storytelling. Tasteful humor and a strong voice always appeal to us.

Because we respect and admire our writers (and know how much goes into crafting a great story) we pay professional rates for stories that are accepted for publication in our print, digital, and/or audio editions. 

We accept submissions year-round.

Before submitting, we urge you to familiarize yourself with our aesthetic by reading Zizzle’s print issues. Order now! Or subscribe to our newsletter to get free access to our new audio editions.

Fiction Submissions

For our 2020 Special Edition:

• We seek literary fiction that will appeal to young adults and full-on grown-ups.
• We pay a flat rate of US $100 for each accepted flash story, and a flat rate of US $250 for each accepted short story.
• Some of the accepted pieces will be illustrated, and all accepted pieces will appear in our print, digital and/or audio editions, or in all these formats.
• Because we are writers too, we understand the need to accept simultaneous submissions. We only ask that you notify us promptly if your story is accepted elsewhere.
• We also accept multiple submissions. (Refer to details about submission fees below.)
• We welcome submissions from anywhere in the world, but stories must be written in English.
• Only previously unpublished works will be considered for publication.
• Length of flash story: 500 to 1,200 words
• Length of short story: 2,000 to 4,500 words
• Please only submit typed, double-spaced manuscripts with 1” margins in 12pt font. Include the author’s name and story title in the header on every page.
• Please include on the first page of your submission your full name and email address, the word count of your story, and a print-ready, third-person bio (less than 70 words) with your brief cover letter.
• Only electronic submissions are accepted. Submissions by post or email will not be read.
• The current response time for submissions is around 2 weeks. However, the actual response time will depend on the availability of our editorial staff. If you have not received a response after 4 months, you may check on the status of your submission via our online inquiry form.
• We only consider submissions from adult writers (age 18 or above).
• We accept submissions on a rolling basis.

More here.

Added 28th October 2019

How do I submit?

As a publisher, we love that so many of you get what we are doing and are sending us your work. As a writer though, we get that waiting over a month for a response stinks.

Right now we have a pretty significant backlog of submissions. Rather than pushing responses longer, we are taking a short break from accepting new submissions so we can catch up on our backlog. Accordingly, we are not accepting new submissions. If you just can’t wait, feel free to submit through our contest. Sure it’s $20, but it gets you in the door during the closed submission period, and might even win you some money.

What length are you looking for?

  1. Children’s Stories: Under 1,500 words
  2. Young Adult: Under 3,500 words
  3. Adult: 1,500-10,000 words
     What does this pay?Accepted short stories from unsolicited submissions are $0.01 per word (limit $50).

    Submissions will open again November 1st, 2019.

We are interested to branching out and publishing a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction books and we would love to see your manuscripts!  

We are old fashioned kind of people, you know, the ones who would rather hold a book in our hands than read one on a tablet!  So for that reason we only accept hard copies of manuscripts for consideration.  

What to Send:

– A cover letter: This letter should tell us about your book; be specific and give spoilers… make us want to read it!  You should also be able to tell us who your audience is and show us that you know your audience by listing 3 books currently on the market similar to yours and how your book is different then those other books- we want to know what it is that makes your book special within to the audiences for which it was written. You should end your letter with your contact information, and dont forget your email!

– Your Manuscript: We understand that different types of books look different, so before sending us the entire thing please read on!

  • Fiction Novels (adult, young adult, middle age)- Please send the first three chapters of your manuscript in their entirety. 
  • Children’s Books- At this time we are only looking for fully illustrated books, please send the manuscript with illustrations in its entirety. (Do not send the originals of the artwork, we are not responsible for lost work and would hate for it to be gone from you forever!)
  • Non-Fiction and Poetry- Please send the first 30 pages of your manuscript.

-A self addressed return envelope with correct postage, if we have suggestions and feedback we will try to make them on the manuscript and return them.  However, we make no promises as we are unsure at this time how many manuscripts we will see a year!

Where to send it:

Austie Baird

A.B.Baird Publishing

66548 Highway 203

La Grande  OR  97850

Please note, as we are just launching this aspect of our company, we are unsure what our turn around time will be.  If we are interested in seeing the rest of your manuscript, we will be contacting you through email.

Highlights is a general-interest magazine for children ages 6-12. By publishing stories, puzzles, articles, and activities that are fun and engaging, we aim to inspire kids to be their best selves–creative, curious, caring, and confident. Highlights was founded in 1946 by Dr. Garry Cleveland Myers and Caroline Clark Myers, and is still owned and run by their family. The magazine accepts no outside advertising and has no religious or organizational affiliation. Highlights has a circulation of about a million and is published monthly.

Please upload only one manuscript or query per submission. We welcome multiple submissions, but we prefer that each be submitted separately.

  • We encourage writers to read several recent copies of Highlights before submitting work.
  • **We pay on acceptance, and we buy all rights, including copyright. We do not consider previously published material. 
  • For submissions that require research, please include references, interview transcripts or notes, correspondence with experts, and any other pertinent backup.
  • Please note that after declining a submission, we delete your manuscript file. In this way, you can be assured that we are not keeping or storing creative work that we have not purchased.

** While they purchase all rights they do have a very large readership**


Holiday House is a publisher of children’s books only. We specialize in quality hardcovers, from picture books to young adult, both fiction and nonfiction.

We publish children’s books for ages four and up. We do not publish mass-market books, including, but not limited to, pop-ups, activity books, sticker books, coloring books, or licensed books.

Due to the volume of manuscripts we are receiving, Holiday House will no longer be able to respond to or return materials that we are not interested in publishing. We do, however, make every effort to carefully consider each submission we receive. If we are interested in your manuscript, we will respond within four months of receiving it.

Please send the entire manuscript, whether submitting a picture book or novel. All submissions should be directed to the Editorial Department, Holiday House, 50 Broad Street #301, New York, NY 10004. Send your manuscript via U.S. Mail. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CERTIFIED OR REGISTERED MAIL. There is no need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We do consider submissions by e-mail sent to

Please note that you do not have to supply illustrations. However, if you have illustrations you would like to include with your submission, you may send detailed sketches or photocopies of the original art. Do NOT send original art.

By agreeing to review a submission, we do not assume any obligation to refrain from publishing a book based on a similar idea, concept, or story.

Thank you for your interest in Holiday House.

Added 20th October 2019

Nietzsche says he seeks fellow harvesters. We, as publishers, see authors and illustrators as companions. We don’t turn our backs just upon publishing a book; we think together, plan together and act together.

Much to our delight, it is such authors and illustrators who find us. If you would like to be one of them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Don’t forget that the longest journeys begin with just a small step.

If you are a writer or a freelance illustrator looking for a publisher, we are also looking for you. Please feel free to contact us:

Flyaway Books is open to unsolicited submissions. Please read these guidelines carefully to determine whether we are the right home for your work.

We are currently considering manuscripts for picture books only. We do not consider board books, early readers, or fiction/nonfiction for readers over the age of ten.

We seek manuscripts that reflect themes of diversity, inclusivity, kindness, compassion, care for the world, social/emotional challenges, and social justice/contemporary issues. These would be appropriate for a general trade market and found in bookstores, libraries, and schools.

We are also open to manuscripts that are appropriate for progressive churches, religious schools, and families that value faith both inside and outside of a church setting. These include retellings from the Bible, stories about religious characters or holidays, and contemporary stories with religious themes.

Visit the Our Story page of this website for more about our publishing priorities.

Redback Publishing currently publish around 50 books per year, many of these from established authors and illustrators. We understand how difficult it can be for new writers to get their work in front of publishers, we are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts to help emerging writers for children and young adults.

We receive a number of submissions, but are only able to publish a select a few that will fit in with our publishing direction and market. We do read all submissions we receive, it will usually take up to two months to respond to submissions.


Redback Publishing specialise in publishing children’s non-fiction books, especially those for primary to lower secondary school level that fit in with the curriculum. 
We are especially looking hi-interest, current topical subjects.


  • Maximum word length of 600 words


  • For beginner readers, aged 5-7, word length 5,000-10,000
  • For confident readers, aged 7-10, word length 10,000-30,000
  • For middle-grade readers, aged 11-14, word length 30,000-55,000

We are especially looking for new children’s fiction that is original, fresh, with strong engaging characters, written with a flair for language, that will appeal to children.


  • For young adult readers, aged 14+, word length 50,000-100,000

Novels for young adults need to be extremely well-written and engrossing. We are looking for fresh, original voices and powerful storytelling. Graphic novels are also welcome for submission.

Added 14th October 2019

Illustrator Submissions

PAJAMA PRESS is a small literary press with high editorial and production standards. We endeavour to publish titles of exceptional quality that will receive wide critical acclaim and awards. Our books are designed to successfully appeal to children, young adults, librarians, teachers, and parents. Our illustrated formats include picture books, sturdy picture books for the very young, full-colour early chapter books for new readers, and middle-grade novels with black-and-white illustrated chapter heads.

We emphasize character-driven stories, so portfolio submissions should include samples of human and/or animal characters rendered with consistency in a variety of aspects. Our style is literary, with a resistance to cartoon-style art. 

Your submission should include samples of your art, a link to your full online portfolio, and your credentials, including (if relevant) a bibliography of previously published works and awards.

Pajama Press is actively seeking submissions from illustrators of diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous illustrators.

Starfish Bay Publishing is an independent publishing house located in Adelaide, Australia. We are dedicated to publishing quality picture books for children primarily aged 3 to 8, with first-rate literary and artistic content. Our aim is to capture children’s imagination and maintain their interest with a thoughtful story. Established in 2014, this philosophy has remained the same ever since.

Starfish Bay Children’s Books is an imprint of Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd, which is an independent publishing house located in Adelaide, Australia. Please ensure you have read these guidelines prior to emailing your submission. We are unable to individually answer queries about submissions.

What We Are Looking For

We predominantly publish picture books for young children and will consider submissions from anyone, provided submissions are suitable for our target audience.

We place an emphasis on discovering new talent and supporting unpublished authors, and we are open to offering publishing opportunities to emerging children’s book writers. We are also happy to help established authors publish further works.

We like to work with a wide range of illustrators, so illustrators are encouraged to send us sample illustrations through email. We are also interested in encouraging illustrators to write their own picture book stories for submission.

KWiL Publishing is currently accepting submissions.

We are seeking excellent children’s literature; books that will leave young readers begging, “Read it again!”

We are particularly passionate about “scientific fiction” with STEM or Makers themes—stories that have well-researched and vetted scientific, technological, mathematical, engineering, or Makers-related content. At the heart of each are memorable characters and compelling plots.

They are “read-it-again-worthy” in their own right, but they are also excellent supplements to a STEM or Makers curriculum.

We prefer projects with shelf-life over projects that feel gimmicky or feed a fad, although there are always exceptions.

We firmly embrace the #weneeddiversebooks campaign and prioritize publishing stories that are written and illustrated to reflect the diversity of our world.

We are seeking books that have the increased potential to generate unique, engaging, and empowering interactions with readers.
We are seeking illustrators for our picture book projects.

Please query with your full picture book manuscript and, if relevant, a link to your art gallery or website. We are a very small company. We will do our best to respond to all submissions, but if you do not hear from us within three months it means that we are not able to accept your manuscript at this time. Follow ups are always greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with KWiL! Even if your work is not the right fit right, right now, we look forward to connecting

Clavis Publishing is always looking for new talent! Your manuscripts or illustrations are always welcome.

Do you think your story or art is right for Clavis’ list of books for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers? We want to hear about it! Submit your manuscript or artwork and we will gladly take a look.

You can send your work via e-mail to

Toddler series (0-2), Preschool (3-5), Elementary (6-8), Series

If you want to send in multiple pieces of work, we recommend that you first make a selection yourself and only send us your best work. If we are interested, we will ask you for your other work anyway.

Make sure to add the following info to your submission:

– Specific target audience (age indication)
– Main theme and synopsis
– Strengths of your story

It’s best to send the attachments via pdf, pcloud or dropbox as they can be opened quickly. Onedrive or protected files should be avoided. WeTransfer is possible, but the link does expire after a while: keep in mind that we might not open it in time and we will have to request it again.

We prefer to receive complete manuscripts, this allows us to better assess the work. Based on a few chapters, it’s more difficult for us to form a well-founded opinion. As a picture book illustrator, it’s not necessary to send a fully detailed picture book. We recommend that you submit a storyboard, a separate text and 2 to 3 detailed illustrations, so that we can get a good idea of your picture book concept.

Our publishers will review your work with care. However, since we do receive a lot of manuscripts and illustrations and review these on top of the daily work load, this may take some time. Keep in mind that it can take a while before you hear from us. Our aim is to handle manuscripts within 3 months. In any case, everyone will receive an answer, whether the work is selected or not.

Heather Cashman, Associate Literary Agent:

Heather Cashman is OPEN to submissions at this time. Please familiarize yourself with her guidelines:
Heather doesn’t accept snail mail/postal or simultaneous submissions.

For middle grade and young adult fiction, she’ll consider all genres and loves a good genre splice. For middle grade and young adult non-fiction, anything that takes her back to those days in the library when she wanted to learn about someone, something, and somewhere new. For all writing, Heather enjoys unique characters formed from their own experiences in a unique world. The characters need to feel real with a distinct voice from the first line. Thematic elements and strong character arcs are a must. She loves commercial fiction that has a literary flair and inclusive books that bring us together as citizens of the world.

Please email (only) to: with “Query TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT” in the subject line of your email. (No need for the quotes.) For middle grade and young adult, send the first twenty pages and a synopsis in the body of your email below your query letter and signature. If interested, she’ll contact you for the full. Please, don’t send any more information for this project than what has been requested, especially if she’s passed on your original submission. No reply to a rejection is needed. If you’ve made significant rewrites on a manuscript and it still fits Heather’s updated wish lists, you can resubmit it after six months. Links to social media platforms are appreciated.

Added 7th October 2019

Aquila magazine pays very well and is a wonderful, printed magazine from the UK.

See the link below.

They tend to like history/science/climate type stories.

Call for Manuscripts
Are you an author, author-illustrator, graphic novelist, agent or publisher who has a Jewish children’s story to share? If so, we want to read it! Here’s your guide to working with PJ Library and PJ Our Way:
Ages 6 months – 8 years.  Board books, Sephardic and Mizrahi tales, diverse families, humor, graphic novels, fantasy and magic (with a Jewish twist) series, historical fiction, fun non-fiction, and simple biographies (such as the Who is/Who Was series from Penguin Random House).

Baobab Press – Children’s Picture and Board Books
Baobab Press believes in the importance of collaboration between author and publisher. We seek to establish long-term relationships with our  authors, providing them with the support necessary to see their works of  art–no matter how divergent in content, style, and form–reach their  fullest potential and widest readership. Our goal is to facilitate growth, so that books resonate in the present day and will continue to be vital in the years to come.
If you have a children’s picture or board book manuscript that you believe would be a good fit for our catalog, we want to hear from you. (No YA, please!) If you have artwork, please send it with the text. If not, please send along the text. If we like your story, we will see what can be done about illustration.
Please let us know if any work, text or art, has been published in a previous format. Any work previously published in a previous book will not be considered for publication. Simultaneous submissions are welcome as long as authors inform us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.

Sophie Masson is an award winning author, publisher, SCBWI member, who has contributed and continues to contribute to the children’s book industry. One of her imprints Eagle Books is OPEN for submissions to new and established authors. They are looking for strong middle grade adventure stories up to 80 000 words for readers 11+.. Submission guidelines below. Email submissions to:-

• The stories cannot have been previously published
• Submissions MUST be sent as an attached word document — no PDFs
• Please put Eagle Books in the subject line
• 10pt, double spaced, no indents, in Times New Roman or other normal font
• Attach a synopsis — no more than 300 words
• Please include a short bio about yourself in your cover letter
• You can submit as many times as you like, but please send each one separately.

Cricket Media is committed to a diverse literary culture, and we welcome works by and about underrepresented groups (people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQAI+ folks, and other marginalized peoples).

We do not accept general submissions from children under the age of 18. Children of all ages can submit stories, poetry, essays, and art to the magazine contests. 

Visit our homepage to learn how to query, submit to, or apply to write for our nonfiction magazines ClickCobblestoneDig into History, and Faces.  

Click here to see submission guidelines for artists.


We seek exciting stories that our readers will speed through. Our main goal is always to entice our readers to pick up the next issue of SERIAL. We accept all genres, however we specialize in genre fiction like action-adventure, science-fiction, mystery, fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, and westerns. While “exciting”, “entertaining,” and “fun” are the main qualifications for a SERIAL story, we also appreciate stories that manage to communicate a positive message as well. We want stories that make readers feel good…even if they’re a little dramatic, crazy or suspenseful.

The reading level for your story can be whatever you see fit, however the content of your story must be suitable for young adult audiences. We will not accept submissions that have explicit sex scenes or use known racial or LGBTQIA+ slurs. If your sci-fi or fantasy story is an allegory for issues surrounding these minority groups though and you’ve made up your own unique slurs, then send it in and we’ll see if it’s a good fit!

If your submitted work has been published before, please let us know where. We accept previously published work, however we want to make sure that we’re truly helping you gain more exposure. SERIAL stories are published under a non-exclusive publishing agreement. We do not require copyright transfer, exclusivity, or first rights. Because of this, we accept simultaneous submissions.

We also accept stories on a rolling basis. It is better to submit as early as possible because it may take quite some time for us to read and publish your story.

Read more here.

We are closed for fiction submissions until March 2020.  We remain open for non-fiction essay submissions. 

Submission Guidelines

Non-fiction: Non-fiction should be written for the feature “Topics for Debate”, and address a topic of interest in earth science, science education, or science in fiction  Care should be taken to make sure that your presentation is carefully reasoned and not unncecssarily inflammatory.  We will publish essays periodically, although not necessarily in every issue.   

Articles should be 500-1000 words in length with a preference for lengths closer to 500 than 1000 words.  Payment for articles selected for publication will be $60.  We ask for e-publication rights, indefinite archival rights, plus option to include your work in a print edition at some point in the future (which, if selected, would pay an additional $60).

Submissions should be made in standard manuscript format, pasted into the body of the e-mail to Topicsub followed by the “at” symbol and then earthscienceissues “dot” net.  The subject line should read “Topicsub:  <title>”. E-mails with attachments or incorrect subject line will be deleted unread.   Please include a short 3rd-person bio (100 words or less) in your cover letter. 

RT.  We will try to keep it to 3 months.  If longer, please feel free to query.

Clubhouse Magazine Submission Guidelines

Focus on the Family Clubhouse is a 32-page magazine designed to inspire, entertain and teach Christian values to children ages 8-12. The magazine, which has a circulation of over 80,000, reaches young readers and their parents all over the world. Parents trust Clubhouse to provide wholesome, educational material with Scriptural or moral insight. The kids anticipate stories with excitement, adventure, action or humor. Your job, as a writer, is to create work that pleases both parents and children.

BALLOONS Lit. Journal reads general submissions ALL YEAR ROUND. 
But please kindly note that we only read and respond to submissions that follow our guidelines.

We are primarily looking for quality materials for school-aged readers from around 12 years onwards. Having said that, we won’t be too excited seeing conventional materials for children. Rather than writing anything specifically for BLJ‘s readers, you should consider if we could find in your submission, however complex and philosophical, the elements that could enlighten and amaze the young minds. Read our Issues to see what sort of work move us!

We invite poetry and fiction submissions by email. All works must be original, previously unpublished and written in English. But if you also have fantastic art and/or photographic work that we think suit the journal, we will certainly let them in too. We love pleasant surprises – if you have anything which we have never imagined before, send it in!

What We’re Looking For

Stories that evoke a sense of wonder, have deep emotional resonance, and have something unreal about them. We aim for a 12-17 age range: that means sophisticated, non-condescending stories with wide appeal, and without gratuitous or explicit sex, violence or pervasive obscene language. Think Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.


Join the growing list of contributors to Short Kid Stories!

Many successfully published and other talented authors have already submitted short stories for the site. See the author profiles page to learn about just a few of them or see the full list here.

Calling All Children’s Writers

If any you would like your work showcased on the site, we’d be delighted to evaluate any children’s author submissions. In return, accepted authors will have a profile page with bio and links to any other material they wish to promote. My goal for the site is to deliver significant author exposure to tens of thousands of unique visitors per month visiting the site from all over the world.

For more information on the background to this project, see this article which featured in a leading writers’ website.



Have a number of Anthology Submission calls – click image above for more details.


We are delighted to receive submissions from writers and artists anywhere in the world. It can take up to four months to respond, so please do bear with us. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions from children, but only from adults writing for children. 
If you are submitting poetry, then please send no more than six poems, and please send them in one Word attachment, if possible, to

Short stories should preferably be no longer than 1,000 words and should be sent as separate Word attachments to

If you do wish to post work to us, then please ensure that you retain the original, and bear in mind that we cannot return work but will respond by email. Postal submissions should be sent to:

Rebecca O’Connor
The Caterpillar
Ardan Grange
Co. Cavan


Storgy Kids welcomes previously unpublished original short fiction in any genre.

Short fiction here means between 1,000 and 5,000 words. A few words either side won’t matter as long as your story is brilliant and well edited. We are looking to be amazed, thrilled, amused and engaged not necessarily all at once.

The genre doesn’t matter. Children’s and YA fiction isn’t snooty about what is considered “good”. A space odyssey is just as legitimate as a ghost story which is no better than a well written piece about the everyday life of a kid being bullied. The ordinary and everyday can sit alongside the magic and fantastical. They all must be great.


Submission Guidelines

At Zizzle we look for stories that will surprise, move, and amuse both young and mature imaginative minds. We like fiction that dives deep into meaning and resists banality. We believe the moral, if any, of a great story should evolve naturally from within and not be imposed from without. We embrace new perspectives to the nuanced joys and tensions in children’s daily lives and imaginations. We are open to pieces that defy traditional storytelling. Tasteful humor and a strong voice always appeal to us.

Because we respect and admire our writers (and know how much goes into crafting a great story) we pay professional rates for stories that are accepted for publication in our online and print issues.


The School Magazine is now calling for submissions.

Please see our website for details:

The School Magazine publishes short stories, articles, plays, poems and activities that have literary and academic merit. Our readers are primary school children who respond well to texts that delight, intrigue, challenge and inspire them—texts written especially for them. Remember that our readers live in a multicultural, diverse society and that our magazines reflect this. Our readers are exploring their identities and appreciate insights into the world around them. What works best? Energetic and accessible writing that has suspense, with, fast-paced action, twists, credible characters and, always, the child reader at its heart.

In 2020 our magazines will not be based around specific topics. We accept exceptional manuscripts that have general appeal and you may submit these at any time.

Please note: at the moment we are looking for very short stories, plays and nonfiction. We especially require material for our younger parts (Countdown and Blast Off).


Call for submissions:
Children’s short stories, ages 5 to 12.

What we are looking for

We’re seeking children’s stories aimed at age ranges between 5 and 12. We’re looking for stories written by authors who know children and what children want to read. We want storytellers who can capture a child’s imagination and who also know the children’s book market, know what’s original and understand what’s interesting and appropriate for children of the age their stories are aimed at. We consider stories of all genres as long as kids will love them!

We pay for selected stories starting at $0.05 per word with a minimum of $200.

We encourage the submission of previously published as well as new stories. If you’re looking for a way to make some money from your back catalogue or to get those stories in front of new readers, we would like to hear from you.

Why choose East of the Web?

By focusing on quality, has become one of the top destinations on the web for short stories, with over half a million unique visitors a month. Our mobile app ‘Short Stories eReader’ has been installed on over 100,000 mobile devices. With over a decade of experience in electronic publishing, we have the reach and the reputation to be the perfect partner for your short stories.

Submission process

Please initially contact us using the form here, which has two parts.

Firstly, we’d like to know a bit about you and your publication history. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive, just enough to introduce yourself. Please note that, for this call, we are looking for authors with at least some publication history. If you are a new author, we would love to hear from you in our general submissions. If you have any questions, feel free to include them here also.

Secondly, we’d like to hear about the story or stories you’re thinking of submitting. We don’t want a full summary, just a brief, descriptive introduction to the story or stories.

We will contact you by email within two weeks. Please ensure your email address is correct.

Thank you for your interest in East of the Web and we look forward to hearing from you!


  • Submissions must be short stories and poems of maximum 8,000 characters, spaces included or children’s stories of maximum 7,000 characters, spaces included.
  • Works must be previously unpublished in print or online, including on personal blogs.
  • We will only accept fictional works, and they may be any style or genre, excluding erotic.
  • We pay $125 for each selected short story and $75 for each poem as an advance payment on the royalties that each author will receive on a yearly basis from the Short Story Dispenser subscriptions.
  • Each selected piece will be published as a part of a Rendez-vous collection in our Short Story Dispensers around the world and on our website,
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as you inform us immediately if your work is accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Concerning rights to your work, we ask for: 
    • the exclusive right to publish your work in our Short Story Dispensers or any similar vending machine.
    • the exclusive right to use or adapt your work as a basis for audio.
    • the non-exclusive right to publish your work on all other media, such as our website, for example.
  • All submissions must be submitted via this submission platform in a copy/paste format. We cannot respond to unsolicited submissions via post or email.
  • We welcome submissions from established and emerging writers alike.
  • Please read our Publishing Terms and Conditions here in detail. Submitting your work via this submission platform is an agreement to the full Publishing Terms and Conditions.
  • Only one submission per writer in each category (poetry, short story, and children’s story), but once you’ve received a final response from us, we encourage you to submit another piece.
  • Our response rate could be anywhere from a few days up to four months, depending on the number of submissions we receive.