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New kidlit publishing opportunities

Each fortnight new kidlit publishing opportunities are shared in the kidlit ezine, PASS IT ON. These opportunities are ongoing and once they have appeared in the ezine they are moved to this blog. You can find the latest additions by clicking the image above.

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Would you like to be part of PASS IT ON?

Some illustrators who have been featured in the past – click the image to find more.

Some of you might have seen my call out on social media so rather than try to answer everyone individually I thought it might be easier if I put all of the information into one place. So that’s what I’ve done.

Each week I collate an ezine called PASS IT ON that focuses on the kidlit industry in Australia, although some opportunities listed are international.

Inside the ezine I have regular segments: Meet the Illustrator, Meet the Writer, Meet the Book & now and then, Meet the Publisher. I’m always on the lookout for people to fill these spots.

If you are a children’s book writer and or illustrator and you’d like to be profiled then feel free to get in touch but first have a look at a recent issue, scroll through and see what others have done.

If you are an illustrator and you’d like to be profiled – you can download the questions here.

If you are a writer and you’d like to profiled – you can download the questions here.

And if you have a children’s book/ YA book that you’d like to promote – you just need to email me…

1. a head shot,

2. a picture of the cover,

3. a bio and

4. the book’s journey to publication.

Once you’ve put together all of your information you can email it all to me here –

Ok, I think that’s about it. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.