(you know when I coined the phrase ‘pass it on’ I didn’t realise that I’d stolen it from Albert – sorry Albert)

Australia’s Children’s Book Industry E-zine since 2004

Hello and welcome!

So what is – PASS IT ON?

PASS IT ON is a fortnightly, networking e-zine for those involved with or interested in the CHILDREN’S BOOK WRITING & ILLUSTRATING INDUSTRY.

PASS IT ON has been providing industry news and opportunities to subscribers since 2004.

Now in its 16th year PASS IT ON or PIO as it is affectionately known, is a place where children’s writers, illustrators, publishers, editors, agents, writers’ centres, reviewers can tune in for the latest and most up to date industry news.

Social media, while extremely helpful, is now so abundant that news can get lost. PIO is only about the children’s book writing industry and with the help of subscribers it aims to provide you with the best and latest news.

Each fortnight PIO interviews an author and an illustrator. Past author interviews can be read on this blog and past illustrators’ interviews can be read here.

Soon I hope to include interviews with publishers and editors – stay tuned.

Here is a list of other information included in each week’s issue…

  • General announcements from members and/or industry
  • New publications
  • Book launches around Australia
  • Special events
  • Writers’/illustrators’ festivals
  • Competitions
  • Opportunities
  • Publisher guidelines
  • Workshops
  • Book reviews &
  • Other things of interest

The e-zine is emailed to subscribers every second Monday and is extremely good value at $35/year.

If you are new to the Children’s Book Writing/Illustration Industry and just don’t know where to start then here is a good place.

To receive a recent issue or to enquire about subscribing please email me – jackiehosking [at] bigpond . com .

Or to pay by PayPal just click the ‘subscribe’ button below.

You don’t need an account, just a credit card.

This will subscribe you for 12 months only.

.Thanks for your interest….

Testimonials from Australian Children’s Authors

  • Jackie is a dedicated professional who has taken her role as editor of the e-zine PIO seriously. She provides a great communication service to the writing and illustrating community. She is also a manuscript assessor and writer herself and I would recommend her services. Susanne Gervay
  • I find PASS IT ON a very useful forum for information and advice, as well as for alerting writers to issues and scams. We need to network more effectively, and PIO is a great tool. Sherryl Clark
  • Jackie Hosking is doing a remarkable job with PASS IT ON…just yesterday an email came through on a discussion list I’m on. The writer mentioned a new opportunity and finished by saying:

“I read about this in PASS IT ON…if you don’t yet subscribe to this, then do it now! This really is a don’t- miss networking newsletter for writers!” Marg McAlister

  • Jackie took over the editorial job of PASS IT ON with some trepidation but has proved to be an extraordinary publisher, editor and organiser. (And an extraordinarily good friend too.) Margaret Clark
  • Pass it on is a terrific way to share information in the book trade. I look forward to it every week. Libby Gleeson
  • Passion and unselfishness fire the movers and shakers in the world of children’s books – from the members of the Children’s Book Council to Jackie Hosking (editor and publisher) of PASS IT ON. Edel Wignell 
  • Jackie is an excellent editor for Pass it On, the writers’ newsletter no Aussie children’s author can afford to be without. Jackie’s work is always spot on, prompt and accurate, and she has built a wide list of subscribers who have become her friends. No one in the writing world has anything but good to say about Jackie, and that in itself is a high recommendation. Sally Odgers
  • Jackie provides an invaluable service to me as a writer and editor with her weekly newsletters containing information and notifications in the area of children’s literature and picture books. I find the information she provides continually useful. Her fees are reasonable and she produces on time. Daan Spijer
  • Jackie took over as editor of ‘PASS IT ON’, 14 years ago. It is a wonderful tool for information about the children’s literature world, especially for would-be writers and illustrators. She does a superb job in gathering valuable information, and produces it without fail each Monday. She accepts notification of events even on Sunday night, as well. The children’s literature world is all very grateful to her. Virginia Lowe

79 thoughts on “PASS IT ON

    1. Thanks Jackie – for all your work. Your newsletter is invaluable for writers and illustrators!

  1. This is great. Now I can send new author friends to this blog whenever I suggest they subscribe to Pass It On. Congratulations, Jackie.


  2. I have been receiving Pass it On for several years and find it an invaluable resource. It has led me to some publishing opportunities and a wonderful critique group, and it constantly informs and inspires. Mondays wouldn’t be the same without it. Thanks for the great work you do, Jackie.

  3. Hi Jackie
    Thanks for PIO and the amount of work you put into it each week. I have learnt a lot of information about this industry through PIO, and it has brought me in touch with a lot of wonderful people. Thanks Jackie.

  4. A few weeks ago, I saw a post in Pass It On about a radio show called Queensland Storyteller looking for short story submissions. I sent in a story and it has been accepted! This is just one of the many examples of leads mentioned in PIO that have taken me somewhere.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. … always waiting eagerly for my Monday dose of PIO.
    Thanks Jackie – and thanks to all the regular contributors who keep us informed.

  6. I always look forward to the ‘news and views’ expressed in Pass It On every Monday. It’s a fabulous resource for beginner writers or those who are widely published.
    Reading Pass It On is provides contact with an interesting group of writers. It’s full of information and if I submit a question, I can be sure of informed answers.
    Great work Jackie and all the regulars who contribute.

  7. What a great resource, well put together and very interesting. I really enjoy reading and seeing other illustrators work, very inspiring. I look forward to getting the Monday fix,
    thanks for all your hard work

  8. Pass It On keeps me in touch with what’s going on in the world of children’s writing … and cures Mondayitis. It’s full of information given freely by those in the know to those, like me, who are so green! Can’t wait to have a proper look at the blog, Jackie.

  9. I love PIO and look forward to its arrival each Monday morning.
    You are doing a fantastic job Jackie and many, many of us owe you thanks.

  10. I always look forward to my Monday morning PIO arrival from Jackie. News, reviews, interviews and tips. It’s a perfect way to learn about the world of writing and illustrating kids’ books from the very talented people who do it. Lovely!

    1. Glad you found me too! Perhaps you’d like to take a look at the newsletter that I edit – PASS IT ON? Just drop me an email and I’ll send you this week’s issue to have a look at.

      Thanks again for dropping by.


  11. Hi Jackie,

    I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter, I emailed you a couple weeks ago, but I have a feeling I did not note down your details correctly.

    Can you send me through the information to subscribe or point me in the right direction.



  12. Dear Jackie

    I’m Kim Dodsworth of 4RPH Brisbane. Your recent PIO mention of my program “Queensland Storyteller” resulted in some great short stories from Melbourne authors which are now going to air.

    By way of thanks I’d like to send you a CD. Do you have a PO Box number?

    Best wishes Kim

  13. Hi Jackie,
    I’ve just been at the CYA conference and was told by a publisher to check out your website. I’d love to join if you can send me the details.



  14. Hi Jackie, it was great to meet you at the festival last weekend and terrific to mix with creative like minded people. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and to find out more about your editing services. It was an inspiring weekend and gave me some new ideas for my creative outlets.
    Have a great day,

    1. I agree Kelly, it was a fantastic weekend. I will contact you privately about the newsletter and my editing service. Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

  15. Hi Jackie,
    Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your,
    ‘Pass It On’ Blog. It keeps me up to date with what’s happening in the world of writing and illustrating children’s books. I’ve been passing on information about your blog.
    Keep up the great work. Love it!

    Renee Taprell

  16. Hello Jackie,

    I am trying to find out the proper way to format peoms and stories in rhyme.
    do you write them in stanzas? or does it matter?
    in peotry that is submitted do you single space or double?

    I can’t seem to find examplesw on the net.

    Thanks, Julie

    1. Hi Julie,

      Ultimately how a poem or story in verse is formatted will depend on the publisher but when I send out poems that rhyme I usually write them in stanzas as that is the format that suits my type of poetry. The best advice that I can give is that whatever you choose to do, be consistent (within the one poem or story). Writing in rhyme and rhythm lends itself to pattern and it also makes it easier for the reader to read. I also double space my work when I send it out as it allows the editor or publisher to write notes on the manuscript if they need too.

      Thanks for your question Julie – I hope I’ve helped.

  17. I thoroughly enjoy my copy of Pass It On. It’s imformative and interesting, and I also like the fact that it’s short enough to find time to read over a cup of tea.

    Keep up the good work

    Moya Simons

  18. I have always loved Pass it On and never miss reading it. It is reassuring to know that Jackie is putting together heaps of relevant information to keep me on track with my writing and submissions.

  19. Thanks for all you do with PIO, Jackie. Even old campaigners like myself learn new things through the newsletter. It’s a great way to keep abreast with what’s happening in the industry.

  20. Jackie! If I ever feel I need an ‘industry fix’ I head straight to my inbox and the latest PIO. It is a ‘must have’ for any writer, any publisher or any passionate literacy advocate. Thank you for your unceasing energy and the constant flow of incredible information.

  21. Thanks Jackie for a wonderful newsletter! Where else would I find such a great source of information? It’s lovely to not feel so isolated as an illustrator too 🙂

  22. Yo! I’ve been subscribing for a few years now, and find PIO invaluable, especially for a hermit like me, stuck out in the woops, to keep track of and have insights into publishing for kids. I thank you from the bottom of my unpublished manuscripts drawer. *sob* No, really – onya, mate.

  23. Thanks Jackie for keeping us informed and up to date!
    We look forward to your weekly newsletter, and feel very flattered when Story Box Library gets a mention. It’s an honour to be involved in such a wonderful and eventful industry.

  24. I am an emerging children’s writer and PIO has been – and continues to be – an invaluable resource for me. The info is highly relevant, it is beautifully clearly layed out and super easy to navigate through- making it a pleasure to read. Thank you Jackie for all your wonderful hunter gatherer compilation skills and tireless passion drive.

  25. Today I fished for compliments and I am overwhelmed with the haul I dragged in. Thank you so much everyone – my heart is marshmallow warm 🙂

  26. Hope you haven’t left the pond yet – more compliments coming up: Pass it On is THE best way to stay in touch with the Aussie Children’s Literature world (and beyond): opportunities, new releases, courses and competitions especially. And, since I first signed up in 2012, it’s got longer and even more informative. Thank you for the great work Jackie!

    1. Who was it said – A fishing rod is a stick with a hook at one end and a fool at the other? Seems I am no fool 🙂

  27. Scroll down she says. I’ve got finger cramp. But what a wonderful reason for injury. So heartening to soak up the support Jackie. One simply can not exist in this industry without constants like yourself and PIO. Sharing IS caring. 🙂

  28. I love to keep up with what is happening in the children’s book industry and I find subscribing to ‘Pass It On’ is one of the best ways I do this. It is extremely thorough and full of relevant information. Each edition looks professional and organised. Well done, Jackie!

  29. I live in a small town and used to have no idea about the goings on in the writing world until I discovered Pass It On. It has connected me and made me feel like I’m part of a wonderful community. I always look forward to Mondays. Thanks, Jackie!

  30. I have found the Pass it On to be a very valuable resource. On the days that my inbox is chocked full of emails I can’t bring myself to delete it, I save it for later. There is too much to miss out on and it keeps me in touch with what’s going on in the picture book world. Well done Jackie, you do a great job!

  31. Monday is PIO day – time to take a breath, sit down with a cuppa and be inspired and motivated as I scroll down what Jackie has put together each week – PIO often then informs the direction my week will take. Invaluable!

  32. As a rural writer, Pass It On is my lifeline! Each week I look forward to all the possibilities and opportunities it holds and it is my first port of call for the week. I check PIO and then set my writing goals, confident that any opportunities currently available will be promoted there. It saves me hours of time pouring over the net. Jackie is supportive of writers at every stage of their career and her editing service is top notch. If you are writing as a career path or as a hobby, do yourself a favour and subscribe to this valuable resource.

  33. For someone fairly new to this complex industry and trying to find their way, Pass It On has been (and no doubt will continue to be) an incredibly valuable resource for me. Without it I doubt I’d have known about half the opportunities available for new writers. It’s also a fantastic way to keep up with the latest happenings in the industry and to delight in the successes of others. Oh, and I simply can’t say enough good things about Jackie’s Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service! Thank you Jackie!

  34. Thank you for creating Pass It On, Jackie. As a newly published author it has been a great resource and link to those in the industry.

    PS- I love the wombat and cockatoo art featured on your issues 621!

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