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Today I’d like to introduce you to a brand new book written by resilience author Karen Tyrell.


Jackie’s Review


Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Written by Karen Tyrrell

Illustrated by Aaron Pocock

Published by Digital Future Press

ISBN: 9780987274083

9780987274083Harry Helps Grandpa Remember is about the special love between a little boy and his grandpa who has Alzheimer’s. Harry will do ANYTHING to help his grandpa remember. A heart-warming story, full of humour and HOPE.

When Harry notices that his grandpa is becoming forgetful he comes up with strategies to help him.

First Harry writes him a diary to help him remember the chores he must do on the farm.

Next he fishes out an old photo album to help him remember forgotten memories.

Harry walks with Grandpa through the farm as fresh air and exercise have been shown to be a helpful therapy.

Playing Grandpa’s favourite music also brought back memories and made Grandpa happy. And there’s one final strategy that I’ll let you discover when you read the story for yourself.

The book is vibrantly illustrated by Aaron Pocock and includes notes for teachers and families at the end.


About the Author

Karen Tyrrell is an Australian award winning resilience author-teacher of five empowering books, a motivational speaker and workshop presenter. Karen is abanner 7 survivor of parent-teacher bullying , PTSD and mental illness.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember comes with FREE Resources including Puppets

Download them for  Free HERE


To celebrate, Harry will be visiting these author sites:

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Blog Tour Book Giveaway9780987274083

Please leave a comment on any of the sites above for a chance to win a signed print copy or 5  eCopies of Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.

Six Copies to be won.

Six Winners announced 3 July.

Good luck.



12 thoughts on “Harry Helps Grandpa Remember Blog HOPS

  1. Hi Jackie, Thanks so much for reviewing Harry Helps Grandpa Remember in such a positive way. I really appreciate your kind support… Cheers, Karen Tyrrell 🙂

  2. As the population is ageing & as people are living longer than ever before, dementia is becoming one of the biggest global health challenges facing our generation. A global epidemic if you will. There are countless statistics on dementia, but behind these statistics are individuals, someone’s brother, mother, grandfather, neighbour etc., many with the day to day challenges dementia raises. Karen takes a serious subject & makes the information more personalised & more accessible. The book covers a range of dementia issues, & uses easy terminology to reach a younger audience. It is an uplifting story that provides a better understanding of dementia.

    1. Thanks Pam for sharing your considered knowledge on the subject of dementia. Thanks too for supporting my children’s picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa remember very much appreciated… Karen Tyrrell 🙂

    1. Hi Mary, Lovely to meet you here. Thanks for your comment on your daughter enjoying and learning from Harry Helps Grandpa Remember… cheers, Karen Tyrrell

  3. Just Read through this and loving how it is another awesome Book by you Karen. That’s awesome love the Review very much and overall its just awesome stuff.

    1. Hi Russell, Thanks so much for checking out Harry Helps Grandpa Remember. Really appreciate you checking out review,,, Cheers, Karen Tyrrell

  4. This is aw fabulous book, it will benefit a lot big people. My hat comes off to the work Karen does. Soooooooo week done. Keep it going karen you are doing an amazing job.

    1. Hi Ros, What a fabulous surprise to find you here. Thanks for your awesome support for all of my resilience books for children. Much appreciated … Karen 🙂

  5. Thanks, Jackie for the review of this book. It’s about an issue close to my heart and echoes the sentiments of my picture book -“When I See Grandma”. It’s great to have a ‘suite’ of books to be able to point people to who love someone affected by dementia – I’d love to win a copy 🙂

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thanks for dropping by. I know how passionate you are on dementia awareness. Thanks for the support… Karen 🙂

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